Friday, September 25, 2009

SILENT VALLEY NATIONAL PARK | valley not so silent

The core o the nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Silent Valley National Park is probably one of the most magnificent gifts of nature to mankind, a unique preserve of tropical rain forests in all its pristine glory with an almost un broken ecological history. Thanks largely to its difficult terrain and remotes, the extent of degradation is minimal in comparison with other sanctuaries.
Sairandhri Vanam, Meaning the forest in the valley, as referred to in the Mahabharata and the River kunthi give a theological Dimension to the National Park. The Silent Valley Is seldom silent but it has an inexplicably unique character about it , what with the dance forest, the music of the birds and its quiet majesty.
With an area of close to 90, the Park is situated in the north- eastern corner of the Palakkad district. It rises abruptly to the north- eastern corner of the palakkad district. It rises abruptly to the nilgiri plateau in the north and overlooks the plains of Mannarkkad in the south. The river kunthi descends from the nilgiri hills above an altitude of 20000 m and traverses the entire length of the valley finally rushing down to the plains through a deep gorge. River kunthi never turns brown; it is crystal clear, perennial and wild.

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